September 22, 2014

Steff Metal at Armageddon Auckland

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armageddon auckland 2014

armageddon auckland 2014 Armageddon is NZ’s annual pop culture and geek expo. Every year 60,000 fans hit the ASB Showgrounds for four days of meet and greets with their favorite stars, comic book panels, geek tech presentations, game tournaments and overpriced novelty doll shopping.

This year, I’m going to be there.

Not just walking around looking bemused or spending all my pocket money on board games, either. I’ve got together with four other authors / publishers from SpecFicNZ and we’ve got a stall. You’ll be able to find SpecFicNZ Authors at stall number 152 in the Literary Hall – just ten stalls away from Terry Brooks. We’ve got copies of all our books at special expo prices and we’re giving away two huge hampers of books – to enter, all you’ve got to do is stop by our stall and put your name in the draw.

It’s been years since I’ve been at an Armageddon expo, and I’m keen to wander around and have a look at all the geeky stuff, and meet and chat to anyone who has read, or would like to read, my books, or the blog, or just anyone who is genuinely awesome. I’ve got copies of The Sunken and At War With Satan for sale, and you can also enter the draw to win one of the two prize hampers. I may also be in costume, I haven’t decided yet.

Little known Steff fact; I used to cosplay with an old flatmate. She was a fantastic seamstress and I was good at figuring out how to make anything that didn’t involve sewing. The first year we went as Van Helsing (her) and Seras Victoria (me) from the Hellsing anime. I got followed around by 16-yr old boys (my skirt was RATHER short) and she got mistaken for Carmen Sandiego, but we placed third, so that was cool. The next year we did Elizabeth Swan (her) and Jack Sparrow (me) from Pirates of the Caribbean. I got to act drunk all day and have a sword-fight with a ninja on stage, and we came second. Fun times. I should dig out some photos for you sometime.)

But I digress. Details are:

October 24-27 ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland

Friday 6pm to 9pm.
Saturday/Sunday 10am to 6pm.
Monday 10am to 5pm

Pricing info is here. Basically, it’s $20 a day if you book in advance, $25 at the door otherwise, unless you’re old, young or studying. And there’s a special for multi-day passes. The other authors with books on sale are:

  • Pat Whittaker – Author of mystery-focused and “alternate history” science fiction, including Antithesis and Cerebral, both nominated for Sir. Julius Vogel awards. Pat’s books will appeal to a lot of people who read this site, I can tell you. My favourite of his is Returning.
  • Tim Stead – An indie author like me, Tim is publishing his epic fantasy series independently, and is doing a stand-up job so far. If you’re a fan of George R. R. Martin (and let’s face it, who isn’t) give The Forth Age of Shanakan a go.
  • Thomas J Radford – Author of Tantamount, a YA adventure story about a wooden ship in space, with an Asian-inspired setting. Tantamount is a lot of fun and would make a great Christmas present for any young reader. I love his book cover, too.
  • Marie Hodgkinson, Paper Road Press – Maree is a pretty familiar face in the NZ speculative fiction scene. She’s the editor-in-chief of Paper Road Press, as well as NZSpecFic president. Maree won’t be there in person, but is sending up some of Paper Road’s new titles, including Paul Mannering’s Engines of Empathy, a humourous fantasy book that’s a little bit Pratchett, a little bit Adams, a lot of awesome.

If you’re in Auckland and you are a total geek of any description, you should come along. I’ll be manning the stall on Friday and Saturday, with a short break at some point to go say hi to Richard Dean Anderson.

Come say hi and grab paperback copies of some awesome kiwi books.

(Also, I’ve been doing a few interviews and guest blogs around the place to celebrate my book release. You can find a couple of my interviews on Speculative Fiction Showcase, Taking Time for Mommy and Karen Greco’s blog (I particularly enjoyed the questions in this one!). My new novel, The Sunken, a dsytopian steampunk novel, is available now on Amazon – Check it Out!