Steff Metal is written by me, Steff – dark fantasy author, metalhead, and amateur archaeologist. On this site you’ll find all sorts of different articles, from lists of recommended albums to essays on medieval torture, from concert and festival reviews to pictures of my cat.

To help you navigate through my archives, I’ve divided my content into regular columns and features. To read all posts in a certian column, either click on the link below, or use the blog links in the navigation bar, the sidebar or under the title of each post.

Ask a Metalhead

The heavy metal advice column. I answer reader questions about heavy metal, writing and life. See Ask a Metalhead: I got dumped as an example.

Brutal Tunes

All my blog posts on metal music, CD reviews, gig reviews and metal music news come under this category. See 10 of my favourite doom metal albums of all time.

Grymm & Frostbitten Lands

I’ve visited 26 countries, and have written a few articles on metal travel and places of interest all around the world. See 5 Metal Things to do in Egypt.

Concerts & Grog Fests

Metal events and happenings, concerts, festivals and advice on throwing epic metal parties. See a concert review of Goatwhore / Impiety live in Wellington.

Kvlt Fashion

Reports on heavy metal fashion, macabre designers, diy fashion and the best places to buy metal shirts online. Read my popular series on metal sub-culture fashion, starting with Fashion for Power Metallers.

Barbarian Home

Learn about living off-grid, growing and butchering your own food, and getting back to the heart of human existence … all with a metal soundtrack. See So You Want to Live Off the Grid?

Metalheads Who Read

Reviews of fiction and non-fiction books you might enjoy, as well as interviews with authors. For example, 10 Dark Steampunk Books to Enjoy.

Metal Movies

Movie reviews and news from horror films and metal documentaries. I like to make lists, such as Steff Recommends 10 Horror Films that Don’t Totally Suck.

Linking Horn

Horns up! Every couples of weeks I compile a list of links to weird and wonderful metal musings all over the web.

Metal History

My most popular column. Metal History profiles people, places, events and discoveries from throughout history that in some way relate to or have contributed to metal. See Metal History of Beer.

Metal Mixtape

Most weeks, I compile a mixtape of metal and not-so-metal youtube videos for your listening and viewing pleasure (although many argue over my definition of “pleasure”). Each mixtape is centred around a theme – usually one discussed earlier that week, like a Metal Mixtape dedicated to Countess Bathory.

Writing Runes

Since this blog also serves as my writing portfolio, runes posts focus on articles I’ve written, writing problems I’m overcoming and news about my upcoming novel.

Tr00 Metal Life

The lifestyle column for metalheads. I write about the heavy metal lifestyle, heavy metal attitude and the metal outlook.


Cool shit you can buy.

Post Scriptum

A weekly round-up of what I’m reading, watching, and doing, and what I’m listening to while all that’s going on. See Post-Scriptum: Knightriders, Hobbits and Ginger Beer.