March 4, 2011

Steff Metal in the Lip Service Webzine

Kvlt Fashion, Steff, Writing Runes


If you’ve never heard of Lip Service before … . The LA-based clothing label is one of the industry leaders in alternative clothing. I’ve been wearing Lip Service for years – it’s one of the few international labels imported into New Zealand and, although I find some of their pieces a little too bedecked with chains and such, most of their designs are subtler and extremely wearable.

As well as an extensive website, Lip Service run a seriously rad online webzine, with regular bloggers like Vanity Kills, Forest Carver, the irrepressable La Carmina and, now, yours truly!

I’m quite stoked to have been invited to be a regular Blacklist writer over on the Lip Service webzine. My monthly column, Cvlt Status, will cover metal fashion and lifestyle topics, similar to what I write about over here, just with a different spin. It also allows me to devote even more time on Steff Metal to talk about other things, like music and metal travel and the proper way to swing a broadsword.

My first column goes up this week, and you can read my intro interview on the Lip Service Webzine now!