May 23, 2012

Steff Metal reviews Disastroid – Money and Guilt

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Occasionally on this blog I review albums sent along that sit firmly in the “non-metal” category. The same rules apply – if I don’t like it, it doesn’t get a mention, and when it comes to non metal, I’m even picker. Luckily, Disastroid’s debut LP landed in my inbox right when I’m in the middle of a big alt. rock kick, so these guys are getting a mention.

Money and Guilt is released to the world in June, and it’s a stoner rock album with a grunge twist that manages to avoid sounding exactly the same as every other stoner-rock-with-a-grunge-twist albums that have come out this year. The combination of meaty hooks, modulation and refined composition makes Money and Guilt a highly listenable album.

Frontman Enver Koneya formed the band in San Francisco from musicians he found on Craigslist. For New Zealanders, that’s pretty much the equivalent of meeting your bandmates through TradeMe. Yeah. So he lucked out, because the band mash together seamlessly, like cheese in mashed potatoes, and they produced a record of high energy, tempo-switching stoner rock that manages to sustain interest over the course of the album. The best song on the album is definitely the title track, “Money and Guilt” which begins with a fuzzed out, raunchy riff and only gets better from there.

Disastroid are building a steady following in their San Fran scene and will be touring the Pacific Northwest to support “Money and Guilt.” If you’re over that way, these guys could be a band to check out.

THe first two singles, “Low” and “Money and Guilt” are available for streaming, and you can learn more about the band on the Disasteroid Official Website or Facebook page.