June 16, 2019

Steff on WROTE and Write with Love podcasts, and article on making a living as an indie author in The Spinoff

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Steff Green write with love

I’m counting down the days (eeee!) until we leave for our European adventure. I’ve been so busy frantically trying to finish two novels that I haven’t been updating you guys on all the fun things I’ve been doing.

First off, I’ve made an appearance on two awesome podcasts. On Write with Love with Sarah Williams, I spoke about my writing journey, my upcoming projects, and writing as a legally-blind author. On WROTE – a podcast about LGBTQA+ authors, characters, and books – I had an amazing discussion about being an ally, writing queer characters as a straight author, and the characters that mean the most to me. Have a listen to both episodes!

I’ve also written an article for The Spinoff. It’s about the future of publishing and what traditional publishers might be able to learn from indies like me. I’ve been very nervous about it coming out (for reasons that will be very obvious if you click through and see the title) but so far the response has been positive. So yay!

I have also released a new book, Shunned, that hit 45 in the entire Amazon store. Wheeee! It’s been amazing but also a bit overwhelming and I haven’t written much about that yet, but I will.

Thanks for reading this quick update. I hope you enjoy the articles and podcasts. I’ll be back soon with more blogs about things.