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January 18, 2013 2 Comments

Steff Metal Reviews: Nightwish live in Auckland, Studio K’rd, with Stormforge, Naquadah, Forsaken Age and Damnnation’s Day


We often complain here in New Zealand that we don’t get any decent international acts. Which is not actually true. Thanks to hard-working promoters, I’ve been able to see some incredible shows over the years, from both big and small international bands. Metallica, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Inquisition, Nick Cave […]

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January 9, 2013 3 Comments

cold sausages and vinegar, Life of Pi, and milk cartons – Steff Metal interviews Nightwish


Last night’s Nightwish concert was pretty incredible, and I’ll have a full write-up for that on the site tomorrow, but right now, I thought I’d share one of the coolest things to happen so far this year … my interview. Just after sound-check I was able to go backstage and […]

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September 17, 2012 5 Comments

Steff Metal reviews: Ensiferum – Unsung Heroes


Unsung Heroes, the newest studio album from Finnish folk metal favorites Ensiferum, is due for North American release on September 18. Folk metal fans will have been eagerly awaiting this announcement, as the band’s last album, 2009’s From Afar, was definitely their strongest effort yet. Their sound is classic Finland […]

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July 26, 2012 0 Comments

Erin 2 Cent reviews: Before the Dawn, “Rise of the Phoenix”


Right – no bullshitting, no pussying around. I’m going to get straight to the point. This album is fucking awesome. Get it. For those after something a little fuller bodied, here’s WHY this album is so awesome. Before the Dawn is a Metal band from Finland, currently signed to Nuclear […]

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