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June 27, 2011 1 Comment

Steampunk Picnics, Mead-brewing, Jazz and Bearded Viking Ships: The World of Steff Metal

I’ve been quite stupendously busy over the last few weeks with a whirlwind of freelance assignments, regular work, husbands jetting off to foreign locales and fun and metal socializing. With less than three weeks till we leave for our German metal adventure, I’m amazed at how busy we’ve been. In […]

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May 17, 2011 6 Comments

Wenches, Mead, Destruction, Drunk Steff, Free Shots, swearing, and a Pyrex Jug of Doom – Alestorm kick ass in New Zealand

“You New Zealanders are insane, I’m sure there was a barrier here earlier. But you know what? FUCK THE CUNTING BARRIER!” Alestorm stormed our shores, raped, pillaged and drank their way through all our wine, played one of the best, most energetic shows I’ve seen on these shores for a […]

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November 1, 2010 5 Comments

Halloween, Steff Metal style

WARNING: those with aversions to moldy toes, 19th century prostitutes and a cute girl in an Alice dress should probably not read this post. As usual, Tarah put on a fantastic spread, including delicious mouldy toe cookies. We fired up the BBQ and had a real metal feast. CDH and […]

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