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November 24, 2011 3 Comments

Steff Metal for Sheri Moon Zombie’s Total Skull Clothing


While I was metalling it up at Wacken 2011, Total Skull clothing contacted me, wondering if I’d be keen to be a spokes-blogger for the label. Are you freaken kidding me? Hands down, that was the best week of my life. If you’ve never heard of Total Skull, it’s the […]

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August 11, 2010 4 Comments

Fashion for Metalheads: How to Win Hot Girls and Influence People

When I started “Metalhead Fashion Makeover” week, I said there would even be something to interest you boys. And, here it is. Steff’s definitive guide to dressing for male metalheads. Now, don’t groan. Don’t say “I don’t care about that shit. I just wear what’s comfortable”, because it’s a lie. […]

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