metalheads 101

Your first year university course on how to be a metalhead, taught by professor Steff, who may or may not wear a schoolteacher's outfit.

January 20, 2011 33 Comments

Metalheads 101: What Is a Metalhead?

Last week, in Metalheads 101, we talked about what IS metal music, and boy howdy did it incite some discussion! Genre classifications fascinate me, as it’s essentially a label given to a type of music in order to help record companies market, and yet, it’s impossible to talk to any […]

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January 14, 2011 27 Comments

Is this band metal? Is that band metal?

Following on from this week’s Metalheads 101 homework and discussion, I thought I’d better throw my opinions into the mix. I deliberately chose the ten bands on the list because they tend to be bands who sit on the “cusp” of being metal or not. Some would consider them metal, […]

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