August 2, 2018

The Book of Nine Scribes – Lovecraft-themed spell book on Kickstarter

Metalheads Who Read, Plunder

The Book of Nine Scribes is super sexy.

What is it? A handwritten/scanned and reprinted 300-page spellbook with a fascinating Lovecraft-themed story behind it, packaged up in a specially-aged and illustrated book and bound in goat-hide leather.

Pages from the 15th Century Munich Manual of Demonic Magic and the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead chapters. On both pages, you can see the notes made by the Book Owner.

The history of this spell book is that the original Book Owner knew one spell called “To Call Scribes” and, after concealing it across the first three pages, cast the spell on a large book of blank pages.

From that point on, every morning when the Book Owner would wake up, a mystical Scribe had somehow added arcane lore or spells to the book throughout the night before.

As the pages continued to fill up with magic text, the Book Owner set out to chronicle the experience, and to learn more about the Scribes themselves.  Naturally, the secrets revealed by the Book Owner result in a horrifying ending to the story woven between the chapters.

Page from the Lovecraft section.

What I particularly love about this book is that it has an ergodic aspect to it, just like one of my favourite books ever, The House of Leaves. The Book Owners leaves his markings all over the pages as he translates aspects of the text, and his story unfolds throughout the volume. It can be read not only as a spell book but also as a story.

Add-ons include other spellbooks bound in a similar style, including the infamous Malleus Maleficarum and Dictionnaire Infernal.

Pages from the Dictionnaire Infernal.

I would 120% have purchased this book if it wasn’t $325, which is about the cost of one of our 2019 Wacken tickets. So instead, I’m sharing it with you in the hopes that you buy a pretty book of spells and I can live vicariously through your bookshelf.

Go on. Back the Book of Nine Scribes. Cthulhu commands you.