December 27, 2015

The Man in Black: $0.99 Release Special + FREE novella

Metalheads Who Read, Steff

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I am so so so excited to announce that my 8th book, The Man in Black, is now available for purchase in ebook format from Amazon. I think this book is the best one I’ve ever written, and I can’t wait to find out what you think. I posted an excerpt yesterday if you’d like to give the first chapter a go.

If you want to get your hands on this book, now is the time! With new books, the first two weeks are the most critical for success. With that in mind, if you grab your copy now, you’ll only pay $0.99 (instead of the usual $3.99) AND you’ll get a free bonus novella – The Art of Cunning, book 1 in the Crookshollow foxes trilogy.

Love so fierce it transcends even death.

When Elinor Baxtor arrives at the dilapidated Marshell House to settle the estate of her law firm’s oldest client, she can’t help but feel a little spooked. The creaking gothic mansion is a far cry from her life as an adventurous party girl back in London.

Then she meets Eric Marshell, a man dressed entirely in black with a wicked smile and the ability to float through walls. Eric was the violinist in popular rock band Ghost Symphony until a hit-and-run accident claimed his life. Now he’s trapped inside his mother’s house for all eternity, and the only one who can see or hear him is Elinor.

Eric and Elinor fight their attraction for each other as they dig into the mystery of Eric’s death. But when they uncover a dark and sinister plot that threatens Elinor’s life, their bond draws them into a world neither of them understands. Can their love transcend the boundary between life and death?

The Man in Black is a steamy gothic romance set in the English village of Crookshollow. It’s a standalone novel of love, redemption, and second chances. If you love clever BBW heroines, crumbling gothic mansions, and brooding rockstars who know what they want, then this book will have you shivering all over.


As usual, I’ve created a little Q&A about some of the most common questions related to the book and the release:

Why does the book title sound so similar to Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black?

The answer is – that is intentional. The book is a deliberate homage. When I first came up with the concept for this book, I had been reading a ton of gothic novels, and I wanted to pay homage to one of my favourite writers of modern gothic horror, so the title is a direct play on Hill’s stunning book. You’ll notice a few other nods to The Man in Black inside the book, too. The basic premise of a probate lawyer going to a crumbling house to tie up the estate of a recently-deceased old woman is pure Hill (although it’s also a pretty common gothic trope), but there is also the spelling of Marshell (Eel Marsh) and the fact that Eric’s mother’s name is Alice.

When will The Woman in Black paperback be available?

Paperback isn’t far away, I’m predicting late January to get the final paperbacks done on all my novels that don’t already have them.

Who is your publisher?

I am my publisher. I use Amazon’s indie publishing platform and paperback POD platform to produce my work. This enables me to get books direct to you guys as quickly as possible, and that I can earn enough money from the increased royalties to pay my mortgage and shit.

Will The Man in Black be available in Kindle Unlimited?

YES. Like all my romance books, The Man in Black is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so those with a KU subscription can read it for free.

Will The Man in Black be available on Nook, iTunes, Kobo or other online stores.

Not at the present time, I’m sorry. If you’d like a copy on your ereader, you have a few options: 1. send me the receipt for your amazon purchase to and I’ll send you a file compatible with your device. 2. Use an ereader file converter like Jutoh to convert the file yourself. 3. Cry.

I love your books! How can I help you spread the word!

Arrrr, yay, thank you! I am so humbled and amazed by all the people who’ve written to me about how much they love my work. Seriously, it means the world to me. If you enjoyed The Man in Black or any of my other books, here are some things you can do that can help me find new readers:

1. Tell people! Lend your book out to someone. Give a copy away at Christmas. Get this series in the hands of anyone you think will enjoy it. If you tell five people about it, and one person loves it, then you have done more for me than you could ever know.

2. Leave me a review on the book’s Amazon or Goodreads page. Reviews are vital in helping other readers decide to take a chance on my book. Also, as an indie author, I can’t use a lot of the same promotional websites as other authors. The sites I can use often require a minimum number of reviews (usually more than 20). So help me get to that number!

I pre-ordered the book and didn’t get the free novella!

There was a bit of a kerfuffle with the files that meant some pre-orders didn’t get the final copy of the manuscript. There are several typos in the file you received, as well. If you sync your Kindle and reopen the book, you should find that you now have the latest edition. If this doesn’t work, then contact me at and I’ll send you a new, up-to-date file.

You can order your copy of The Man in Black now on a new release special of just $0.99! Grab your copy now, and join my mailing list to get first notice of new books, deleted scenes, free swag, and other awesome stuff.