“… one of the most original books I’ve ever read.” – I Heart Reading

“One of my most enjoyable reads of this year, cracking along at high speed and using intriguing ideas to create a world that’s like a cracked mirror version of our own history.” – BookieMonster

In the heart of London lies the Engine Ward, a district forged in coal and steam, where the great Engineering Sects vie for ultimate control of the country. For many, the Ward is a forbidding, desolate place, but for Nicholas Thorne, the Ward is a refuge.

Deep within the bowels of the Ward, Nicholas can finally escape his strange affliction – the thoughts of animals that crowd his head. The shadows of his past hang over him, forcing him to remain hidden alongside the Stokers – a forgotten people who toil day and night to keep the boilers of the Ward constantly firing, so that the engine of progress may continue to hum.

But rebellion is stirring within the ranks of The Stokers, led by Nicholas’ childhood friend, the brilliant engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Forbidden to do the work that brings him his only joy, Brunel innovates in secret, his mind growing ever more twisted by the desire for knowledge.

Battles rage in the shadows of bizarre buildings at the heart of this nightmarish alternative London. As men transform into flesh-eating monsters, Nicholas and Brunel seek a way to restore peace – will London’s salvation come from a mechanical army, or on the backs of prehistoric beasts?

The Sunken is the first book in the Engine Ward fantasy series by S C Green. For fans of China Mieville and Neal Stephenson who want to explore the clash of religion, technology, and bestiary in a city on the cusp of industrial revolution.

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The Sunken is a steampunk dark fantasy set in an alternate history Georgian London where dinosaurs still survive and engineers are worshipped as gods. Part 1 of the four-part Engine Ward series, The Sunken is available now on Amazon.
“It’s easily one of the most original books I’ve ever read … the London the author creatures is a dark and threatening place, but at the same time it’s also vibrant and lively, and one of the most thrilling fantasy settings I’ve read about.”
“Read this if … you’re a sucker for a steampunk adventure tale, full of invention and innovation, you like a dark dystopian fantasy, and you are ready to discover a series that plays with history to create a rich new world to lose yourself in.”
“This is a fascinating steampunk/alternate history/AU book. The plot is interesting, and the multiple voices are distinctive and help the reader to piece the bigger picture together. I see it’s the first of a series, and I definitely look forward to seeing what the author does in the next book.”