March 12, 2014

The Unofficial At War With Satan Playlist

Metal Mixtape


I thought I’d do something a bit different today. Instead of another excerpt from my novel, I’ve compiled a YouTube playlist of songs to go with the reading of my book, At War With Satan, which comes out FRIDAY as an ebook, and it’s looking like maybe next week as a paperback.

Ghost – Year Zero


Would it be possible to create a playlist for a book with “Satan” in the title and NOT include a song by Ghost? Well, it probably would be, but I wouldn’t want to hear it. Enjoy these Swedish gents doomy britpop take on the dark side of rock ‘n roll.

The Devil’s Blood – I’ll Be Your Ghost


Thanks to Ross McGuire for introducing me to these guys. I love me some Dutch occult rock. Are you noticing a theme developing?

Beastwars – Tower of Skulls


I was trying to pick one of the best songs from 2013’s Blood Becomes Fire. It’s impossible, because they are all equally awesome. If you haven’t yet heard the doom-laden epicness that is Wellington’s Beastwars, then feast your ears, my friend.

Black Sabbath – Heaven & Hell


I was seriously thinking of “Heaven & Hell” as a title for my book, but didn’t think the reference to the song was obvious enough. Plus having “Satan” in the title is way more controversial, and I’m hoping to get one of those “parental advisory” stickers for the front.

Metallica – Am I Evil?


From the Garage Inc. album, Metallica’s fantastic cover of this Diamond Head classic. “Am I Evil?” is one of those hugely underrated metal anthems.

Attic – Join the Coven


And live – man, that drummer is NAILING it!


I have been seriously addicted to this song for about six months now. So catchy. So badass.

ABSU – Pillars of Mercy


My favourite song from 2001’s Tara (along with “She Cries the Quiet Lake”, which didn’t really seem appropriate here). Prospector’s drums are just ferocious. Gavin is a big ABSU fan.

Iron Maiden – The Number of The Beast


Similar to, but also entirely different from, the hit single “The Beast’s Number” from Spiked Coffin, Iron Maiden give the Devil their characteristic catchy, rifftastic¬†treatment.

The Project Hate MCMXCIX – Tearing Down the Walls of Heaven


Basically, everything this band does is gold. Pure satanic gold.

Inquisition – Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons


From 2013’s stunning album Obscure Verses for the Multiverse, one of my favourite tracks. Inquisiton are, to me, one of the most important bands in black metal right now. The the European sound remaining stagnant since Euronymous’ death, they’ve managed to entirely reinvent the sound of the genre without pastiche, without losing the essence of the style. Uninhibited brutality.

Slayer – Hell Awaits


The first track of Slayer’s second studio album by the same name.

Play some Slaaaaaaayerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Venom – At War With Satan


This is the track that inspired the name of the book, and part of the story, too. Released in 1984, the album At War With Satan was withdrawn from HMW and WH Smith chains for containing questionable content. “At War With Satan” was never actually played live till Conrad Lant rearranged it, shortened it by half, and played it in his solo project. Now the new version is often played live by Venom.

Venom are classic if you love dark music and somewhat cheesy lyrics about Satan. Get amongst it!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to grab a copy of my book At War With Satan