April 21, 2016

Thorn release day: Available on Kindle now!

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Thorn Engine Ward steampunk series

Thorn is live! I’m so excited. You can grab your copy now from Amazon.

Thorn Engine Ward steampunk series

This is my absolute favourite book from the Engine Ward world, and one of my favourite characters I’ve written so far. It was actually the first book I wrote in the world. I worked with an editor at HarperCollins for years polishing it, before she declared the problem with it was that it needed another book before it to explore what happened in the past. That book turned into two books – The Sunken and The Gauge War – which I self-published in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Now, Thorn is out in the world and I can’t wait for you to find out what happens.

Brunel may be dead, but his iron legacy still lingers …

Forced from London after the death of Brunel, Thorn and her people – the Stokers – reside in the Graveyard; a wasted landscape of scrap metal and disused railway carriages. Shunned by her own people for her father’s part in their exile, Thorn’s skill with animals is the only thing saving her from banishment. With her friend Lurgo, she hunts the great tri-horned monsters in the surrounding swamps, desperately trying to keep control of her strange power and restore her family’s soiled name.

Now Brunel’s old Wall is moving again, expanding over the English countryside. And with it comes a horror that should have been long dead – once human creatures turned maniacal by a diet of lead and soot. The Stokers propose a suicide mission, a last-ditch effort to reclaim their home – sending Thorn into the Wall to die; an expendable distraction to ensure their own survival.

But Thorn has other ideas. Together with Lurgo, a blind adventurer, an eccentric menagerie proprietor and a tame triceratops, she sets out to stop the new threat. In a world dominated by powerful men and fierce mechanical monsters, can one woman triumph where so many have failed?

Grab your copy of Thorn today! And if you’re so inclined, leave me a review and let me know what you think.

(Thorn will be available on other vendors – including iBooks, Nook and Kobo – over the next week or so.)

Thank you so much for your support! It’s a pretty amazing feeling finishing a series like this, and it’s because of you guys that I’m able to do it. Now I get to start again with a new series in a pretty unique dystopian world I’ve been putting together. I think you’re gonna love it.


PS. Backers of my Patreon campaign $5 above got to see the first two chapters of a new book I’m working on. Called The Grey Train, it is another story set in the Engine Ward world, after the events in Thorn. I affectionately call it “The redemption of Holman.” I have no idea when it will come out. If you want cool random surprises, free books and other fun stuff from me, consider joining my Patreon campaign.