Forced from London after the death of Brunel, Thorn and her people – the Stokers – reside in the Graveyard; a wasted landscape of scrap metal and disused railway carriages. Shunned by her own people for her family’s part in their exile, Thorn’s skill with animals is the only thing saving her from banishment. With her friend Lurgo, she hunts the great tri-horned monsters in the surrounding swamps, desperately trying to keep control of her strange power and restore her family’s soiled name. 

Now Brunel’s old Wall is moving again, expanding over the English countryside. And with it comes a horror that should have been long dead – once human creatures turned maniacal by a diet of lead and soot. The Stokers propose a suicide mission, a last-ditch effort to reclaim their home – sending Thorn into the Wall to die; an expendable distraction to ensure their own survival. 

But Thorn has other ideas. Together with Lurgo, a blind adventurer, an eccentric menagerie proprietor and a tame triceratops, she sets out to stop the new threat. In a world dominated by powerful men and fierce mechanical monsters, can one woman triumph where so many have failed? 

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Thorn is a steampunk dark fantasy set in an alternate history Georgian London where dinosaurs still survive and engineers are worshipped as gods. Part 3 of the four-part Engine Ward series, Thorn is available now on Amazon.

“It’s easily one of the most original books I’ve ever read … the London the author creatures is a dark and threatening place, but at the same time it’s also vibrant and lively, and one of the most thrilling fantasy settings I’ve read about.”
“Read this if … you’re a sucker for a steampunk adventure tale, full of invention and innovation, you like a dark dystopian fantasy, and you are ready to discover a series that plays with history to create a rich new world to lose yourself in.”
“This is a fascinating steampunk/alternate history/AU book. The plot is interesting, and the multiple voices are distinctive and help the reader to piece the bigger picture together. I see it’s the first of a series, and I definitely look forward to seeing what the author does in the next book.”