November 9, 2009

Top Ten Metal Party theme ideas

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Following on from mu post on Throwing an Epic Metal Party, I bring you another Top Ten List of Doom!

If you want to throw a kick-ass party, and don’t have any ideas, you could try one of these. Some of these I’ve hosted, some I’ve been a guest at, and some I hope to attend in the future.

1. I love metal movie marathons – I once attended a Manowar party with about 80 people all crammed into this tiny, tiny house watching every Manowar DVD. We had a BBQ going, beer flowing freely, and a head-banging lesson. Epic night. Epic.

2. Metallica Guitar Hero Championship! Followed – of course – by an epic round of Death Metal Singstar (perform singstar songs in your best death metal vocals – lets see who gets uber points now! Mwahahaha)

3. For a friend’s birthday, why not throw a little-kids party, complete with cupcakes, fairy bread, sausage rolls, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey (or my sadistic version – pin the Lollipop on the Inappropriate Stranger) and a round or two of Drunken Metal Twister (It’s pretty simple – drunk metallers playing twister with Slayer blaring in the background).

4. If you know someone who lives near the country, go out camping on a farm. Play Sardines and Spotlight when it gets dark, then sit around a bonfire grilling sausages and telling ghost stories.

I once attended a campout party where the bonfire was the size of a house. I’m not exaggerating. A two-storeyed, four bedroom house with an adjoining garage and two bathrooms. And a sleepout. We doused it with petrol and shot fireworks at it till it exploded with the loudest BOOM I’ve ever heard. A huge nushroom cloud barrelled into the sky, and this intense wave of heat engulfed us, even from fifty metres back. Someone called the police. Now THAT’s metal.

5. Have memorial parties for your favorite metalhead ghosts. We like to have Norwegian black metal parties in memory of Euronymous. I make inverted cross pizza (recipe coming soon), the girls paint everyone with corpse-paint, and we pose in the forest and howl at the moon.

I’m only half kidding :)

6. Host a picnic in a cemetery or other spooky, abandoned place. Bring fine china, fancy teas and elaborate food. Dress up in your metal best and take photos around the gravestones.

7. Drinking games involving potatoes win every time.

8. If you’re too poor to make it to Wacken, throw your own metal festival in your backyard. Get a mate’s band to play, drink beer from plastic cups, make a water slide out of a tarp, set up a tent, stay up all night and get really sunburned.

I'm giving my short-haired friend a headbanging lesson

I'm giving my short-haired friend a headbanging lesson

9. Have a Make-Your-Own-Pizza and Decorate-Your-Own-Cupcake party, with a prize for the most kreig design.

10. Everyone must go to the liquer store and buy one bottle of something totally random. Return to the party house. Mix mystery coctails. Repeat until everyone falls over.

What about you guys? Have you been to any epic metal parties I’ve missed lately? Tell me about the best (and worst) parties you’ve attended.

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2 Comments on “Top Ten Metal Party theme ideas

October 21, 2010 at 12:46 am

My boyfriend and I threw a truly epic Viking Metal party for this birthday a few years back. We had everyone dress up in warpaint and metal gear and blasted folk/viking metal all night long. We set up a “Great Hall of Feasting” which featured whole cooked chickens, ham, beef stew, roasted potatos and bread, and we had a “jigging” contest in which we all competed for prizes by folk dancing as best as we could to Turisas’ cover of Rasputin. To ensure our guests never forgot their evening of debachery, we handed out mixed CD’s with songs that we played that night. Good times were certainly had by all.

January 17, 2010 at 2:52 pm

“bonfire was the size of a house”

I have to laugh because we also had a fire that big. So big that it was seen as a hotspot on weather Canadas satellite. We were visited by the fire department and the police.

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