June 10, 2014

Travel Smarter to Music Festivals – Steff Metal on The Good Groupie

Concerts & Grog Fests, Grymm and Frostbitten Lands

travel-smarter-to-music-festsIt’s been a while since I guest-blogged (wrote a blog post on someone else’s blog), so here’s a new one for ya. The Good Groupie is written by Miranda, a music-loving native Texan who is pretty much all-round awesome. Miranda defines being a “good groupie” as – “… someone who loves music. She goes to shows to support the bands she loves and to discover new bands to love. She buys music and tells her friends why they should be listening to it. She introduces herself to the band as a fan and proves it by continuing to come back to shows, never taking home more than that night’s live music experience (and maybe some merch). She falls for a lyric or a melody, not the lead singer. She lives for music and doesn’t know who she would be or how to survive without it. And above all else, she’s always in search of the perfect lyric to break her heart.

My article, How to Travel Smarter to Music Festivals, is part of a music festival series she’s been writing. It covers choosing festival buddies, booking flights, roadtrip playlists, and other tips. There are some other cool posts in the series including How to Eat Smarter at Music Festivals, and for the ladies, How to do Beauty Smarter at Music Festivals.

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