July 15, 2009

Up the Irons – 15 July 2009

Tr00 Metal Life

Up the Irons is my shout out to all the things in the universe I love most, and there are plenty of them, large things and small things, weird things, normal things, edible things, metal things, musical things, intangible things and wuv-things, so Up the Irons will be a regular feature here on Steff Metal.

On this day the 15 July 2009, a huge Steff Metal Up the Irons goes to:

Packing my worldly belongings and discoving stuff I’d totally forgotten about  \m/  Blackmore’s Night  \m/  giving books to charity shops  \m/  my husband hopping around the house pretending to be Jethro Tull  \m/  snuggling  \m/  Pandora  \m/  going-away parties  \m/  fresh-baked bread  \m/  eating the last of the carrots from my garden  \m/  playing Nick Cave on the piano \m/  the anticipation of leaving on our epic metal adventure in only FOUR days!

Nick Cave - the world's sexiest man

Nick Cave - the world's sexiest man

What do you want to say “Up the Irons!” to? I bet you can think of ten things you love this week.

Super Snuggles and Shoggoth Kisses