June 25, 2010

Up the Irons! 25 June 2010

Tr00 Metal Life

A very cake-filled week.


miniature chocolate cakes, $8, from Orange Pumpkin

\m/ Sunday is Helen Keller day. Helen Keller is wicked cool – at the age of two she contracted a disease which took her sight and her hearing, but she went on to become the first deafblind person to graduate from College. She travelled the world teaching people about deafblindness and giving others hope that they weren’t just reduced to being “invalids”. She also wrote books – my favourite is “My Belief”, which discusses a little of her time in the Swedenborg society (she was friends with Mark Twain and Alexander Graham Bell) \m/ Fucking MAYHEM and Exodus coming to New Zealand this year. Stoked. Expect reports from the front lines \m/ To celebrate Helen Keller day, work shouted everyone cake. I like cake \m/ A friend of mine is leaving for Christchurch (in the south island of New Zealand) in a couple of weeks. Friday was her last day of work. Everyone brought something in for a shared lunch \m/ I love renting movies from iTunes. Saw this high-school horror “Jennifer’s Body” last week, and “Repo: The Genetic Opera” this week. Review coming soon \m/ Generally, I just love my Mac. I will never, EVER return to PC \m/ helpful folks in the forums who helped my figure out the random glitches in the blog this week \m/ One year till we leave for Germany. Already excited beyond belief \m/ Cake and monsters at the last German class of the semester \m/ An amazing fun time on Monday night with friends – went for wine and Indian food and spent the night at the Hilton ordering excessive amounts of cushions be brought to our room \m/ sneaking out of the Hilton at 6am so my friend wouldn’t get stuck with an extra on her room bill \m/ happy surprises that make people’s dreams come true \m/ When exciting life changes happen to friends who deserve them. I love seeing people who work hard get good things in life \m/ the cat, who now pouts by making a puff noise when she is displeased (CDH makes a puff too, and puffs out his lower lip when he doesn’t get his way, and it looks so cute and ridiculous I usually relent, so the cat has picked up the same trick.) \m/ CDH finally came home (he’s been away on work) and the house got 2 degrees warmer \m/ six writing jobs to finish in June / July. It’s good being busy \m/ tickets to Bill Bailey on Monday night \m/ pretty much everything and everyone at the moment.

Anything good happening in your life?

Super Snuggles and Shoggoth Kisses