November 29, 2011

Vote for Steff Metal in the NZ Bloggers 2011!

Tr00 Metal Life

Some awesome sod has nominated Steff Metal as the best music blog from New Zealand. I am bloody stoked!

The winners are decided by public vote, which is definitely one definition of what constitutes “the best” blog. Currently, a hip hop blog AYEBRO is in the lead, and I’m trailing behind in 4th place (out of 15). If you happen to think Steff Metal is pretty sweet, and you’d like to see a metal win over hip hop (Yes, I am appealing to your sense of music elitism in order to get votes. It’s what any true metalhead would do) please LIKE my website on The Bloggers page to vote.

(And while you’re there, you should check out some of the other great blogs, too).

And, I’d even doubly appreciate it if you could tell your mates and readers to vote for me, too. Viva la metal!

The prize is two press tickets and free camping at the NZ Rhythm and Vines festival, which as you can guess by the title, is not exactly NZ’s version of Wacken. If I won (which I don’t expect to), I would either take all the glory and give the prize to the second-place winner, or else go with a completely open metal mind.

To vote: all you have to do is click on this link and LIKE my blog. Epic Metal thanks for all your support, guys!

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