August 10, 2011

Wacken Heavy Metal German Phrasebook

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If any of you have ever travelled with those little pocket phrasebooks, you’ll know how useless they are. They never tell you what you really need to know. “Die Kirche ist hinter dem Rathaus”? “Ich möchte einen Pullover kaufen.”? When are you ever going to say this stuff?

Since I made a Heavy Metal Norwegian Phrasebook for my last trip, I thought it was about time we made a heavy metal phrasebook for all those German festivals like Wacken. My German isn’t great, so natives please feel free to correct and add your own entries in the comments:

Steff Metal German Metal Phrasebook

“Mein Deutsch ist Scheiße. Sprechen Sie Englisch?” – “My German is shit. Do you speak English?”

“Wo gibt es Bier?” – “Where is the beer?”

“Ich brauche mehr Bier!” – “I need more beer!”

“Gib mir mehr Bier!” – “Give me more beer!”

“Das war zu viel Bier. Wo gibts die Toilette?” -> “That was too much beer. Where’s the toilette?”

“Which way is (The beer tent/the loo/The other beer tent)?” – “Wo ist (das Bierzelt/die Toilette/das andere Bierzelt)?”

“Want to come back to my tent? I have beer.” – “Willst du zu meinem Zelt gehen? Ich habe noch Bier.”

“I need to puke” = Ich muss kotzen!

“Beer” = Bier

How do I get to (the station, the festival area)? = Wie komme ich zu (dem Bahnhof or zum Bahnhof/dem Festivalgelände or zum Festivalgelände)

“When are Morbid Angel coming on?” – “Wenn kommt Morbid Angel?”

“Nice Ass” – “Schone Asche”

“Where is my tent?” – “Wo ist meine tent?”

“Ich kann mein Zelt nicht finden. Ich schlafe hier statt.” – “I can’t find my tent. I’ll sleep here instead.”

“Wie spät ist es?” – “what time is it?”

“Sind Blind Guardian die beste Band der Welt? Ja, du hast richtig, sie sind!” – “Are Blind Guardian the best band of the world? Yes, you are right, They are!”

“Können Sie steff Metall? Sie ist eine blinde Neuseeland Mädchen mit einem Blow-up Schafe.” – “Can you see Steff Metal? She is a blind New Zealand chick with a blow-up sheep.”

Food and Drink:

Beer – Bier

Vodka – Vodka

Bratwurst – Bratwurst

Chips – Pommes or Pommes Frites

Currywurst – Currywurst

Feel free to add your own!

2 Comments on “Wacken Heavy Metal German Phrasebook

August 14, 2011 at 3:47 am

Better “Ja, Du hast recht, das sind sie” for “Ja, du hast richtig, sie sind”

Nice Tits = Schicke Titten

Do you wear underwear ? = Trägst Du Unterwäsche ?

Do you take the birth control pill ? = Nimmst Du die Antibabypille ?

August 10, 2011 at 12:35 pm

I hope you enjoyed Wacken! My friends who have been there have mentioned that it was much too crowded this year, even more than the last couple of years, making it pretty hard to get around…

You’ve got some fun phrases there, but if you don’t mind, I have a few suggestions for corrections ;)

“Nice Ass” literally translates to “netter Arsch”, but actually in colloquial German that is a bit of a “meh” statement. If you really genuinely enjoy looking at someone’s ass, you’d say “Geiler Arsch” (literally: Horny Ass, meaning: Fucking Awesome-looking Ass). “Asche”, by the way, means ash.

“Where is my tent?” = Wo ist mein Zelt?

Vodka is written with a W in German, strangely. I prefer the looks of the V, but as you might know V can have two sounds in the German, the one you’re familiar with as well as an “F” sound as in “Vater” (father) or “Vogel” (bird).

And the last sentence would sound smoother by rephrasing it to something like this: “Kennen Sie Steff Metal? Sie ist eine blinde Neuseeländerin mit einem aufblasbarem Schaf.” Of course you can also use “du”, here, “Sie” is very polite and usually not used on festivals or among metalheads. Which would result in: “Kennst du Steff Metal? Sie ist eine blinde Neuseeländerin mit einem aufblasbarem Schaf.”

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