June 29, 2015

Wax & Wane: Steff Loves Candles from Burke & Hare, Co

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burke & hare candles

burke & hare candles

Last weekend, we had two friends, Amy & Tony, over for dinner. This awesome couple are looking at building a home/lifestyle block out in the country, similar to ours, and so we – of course – spent most of the evening boring them to death about council issues and design features and the wonders of living off-the-grid. “We’ve lived here for 18 months now,” my husband bragged. “And we’ve seen more than ten power cuts in the valley. It makes us feel rather smug, as our power has never gone off.”

Of course, the universe couldn’t let that statement stand. Halfway through dessert, the whole house went dark.

For the first time, we’d used down below 70% of our available stored power, and so all our lights and appliances went off. This is the signal that we need to go outside and start the generator to recharge the batteries. We’d had several days with no sun, and we’d still been using all our appliances and watching movies, so the batteries were going down deeper than we were recharging them, and we got to critical level. Eeeep!

Thankfully, our friends are pretty good natured, and we had a good laugh about it. Tony went outside to help CDH turn on the generator, while Amy and I lit up all the candles in the house.

Those candles were from Burke & Hare, Co – a candle company out of Providence specialising in peculiar scents for unique individuals. In fact, they smelt so delicious and cast such a wonderful warm glow that we decided to keep them on even after the boys put the lights back on.

Burke & Hare candles – friends of off-grid-freaks since 2011.

Earlier this year, Burke & Hare invited me to be part of #wickedteam – their coven of candle-obsessed bloggers and instagrammers who are busy spreading the word of candley goodness. Ever since my samples arrived I’ve been sniffing, lighting, and inhaling with delight. There’s something quite ritualistic about the act of lighting and working by candlelight – I often have one lit in my office while I write during the day – the light is perfect in my dim attic office.

All Burke & Hare candles are made from vegan products – their wax is a mixture of soy and paraffin – and all their other ingredients are natural oils that are phthalate free. The candles come in lovely glass jars or metal tins that can be reused and recycled. (My husband has called dibs on my tins for his modelling supplies). The wicks are cotton, and each small batch is hand-poured in an artisan workshop.

The three candles I’ve been enjoying are:


burke & hare candles

The Salem candle is part of the dark wave collection. It’s a black soy wax candle invoking the dark spirits of the legends of Salem. Cast seductive spells with this rich patchouli scent – deep and earthy and a little bit sinful. In earth magic, patchouli is associated with prosperity, as well as lust. Combine this with the tang of balsamic resin, and the hints of black tea and jasmine, and you have a beguiling, earthy scent that makes a room feel cosy and welcoming.


Lavender is one of my favourite scents, so it must’ve been fate that I was sent he Lunacy candle. For me, this is a scent to calm and soothe – lavender always feels very fresh and relaxing, while the vanilla tones bring to mind the scent of home baking. In ritual, lavender is a herb for promoting clairvoyance, clear memory and cleansing. And I find anything with a vanilla scent can’t help but bring a smile to your face. This is the perfect candle for relaxing in the bath or shower, or chilling out with a good book and some music playing slowly.

Negative: Coconut & Cassis

burke & hare candles

The negative collection incorporates classic, simple scents in beautiful black tins. I don’t think this scent has been released yet, as I can’t see it on the website, but when it does, whooooooboy, get your hands on it. I’m often not a fan of coconut as a scent, but the sweet cassis (a sweet dark-red liqueur made from blackcurrents) cuts through and the combination is invigorating and powerful. This is a bold, masculine scent with a delicious sweetness – if this were a dessert, I would’ve licked the bowl clean.

You can buy Burke & Hare candles from their website or Etsy store, and follow them on instagram for candle updates and competitions.