November 25, 2009

A week in the life of Steff

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I said I had some photos from the other weekend to put up, and here they are, some ten days late. I am still struggling with my Mac. Last night I gave myself a heart attack because I thought I’d accidentally deleted an entire Gb of photographs, including all my photographs from Egypt! Turns out, I had placed the wrong (empty) memory card into the computer.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the Mac’s fault …

On Friday night (two Fridays ago, now) I met up with my old friend Jessocles (of the Scrotimites, and yes, that’s a private joke :)) and some other friends and we all went out for dinner at Satya’s South Indian restaurant on K’road in Auckland. I’ve been to Satya’s many times before, but never with a group this noisy or inappropriate :) We had a total blast, though.

After this I walked down to Live Bar on Hobson street for my heavy metal fix. Two of our friend’s bands – Nullifier and Heavy Artillery – were playing along with a couple of other acts. Being Friday the 13th, the bar had a “Night of Blood” where you could come in white clothing and they’d supply the fake blood. Lots of people dressed up and it was really fun. A great night was had by all and it was kick ass to catch up with more people we hadn’t seen since we returned from holiday.

Heavy Artillery metal things up

Heavy Artillery metal things up


During the week we set up my new Mac! (Mac-gasm. It’s so pretty, and it works! Take THAT Asus laptop with four broken keys.)

CDH puzzles over my new Mac

CDH puzzles over my new Mac

Because he set up my Mac for me, CDH wanted to go to the model railroad shop (see, marriage is all about compromise :)) I found this awesome sticker while waiting for his to finish debating gauge lengths with the speckly kid behind the counter.

This weekend I had a sleepover with my friend Iris, and we ate pizza and falafal and ice cream and watched Harry Potter. My friend Ryan hosted a picnic in Northcoate cemetery, in celebration of his impending birthday. The theme? “Malice in Wonderland”, of course.

Iris with a ladle on her head \m/

Iris with a ladle on her head \\m/

We had two gate-crashers: a tourist couple who were going on a quiet stroll around Northcoate. They joined us for some cake and admired everyone’s tattoos. It was awesome!

Bunny rabbits! Best costume at the cemetery picnic

Bunny rabbits! Best costume at the cemetery picnic

I have the world's most delicious cupcake \m/

I have the world\’s most delicious cupcake \\m/

Ryan made the world’s most delicious cupcakes – double chocolate filled with caramel. Nom nom nom. I wore

    black long-sleeved spider top from Australia

    red jacket from H&Mblack and red checked skirt (GLP) from SmoovePurple and black polka dot knee-high socksMulti-coloured rainbow hat from Norway (I wanted to wear my tophat, but it’s in storage)All-purpose work boots from NZ Safety

    After the cemetery party I headed into town for another friend’s birthday drinks. The bar we went to had beer TOWERS. Literally, these babies were nearly as tall as I was. Epic. It was a great night.

    Also, a few shots from our Halloween BBQ from a few weeks back.

    This weekend I won’t be doing as much socialising, as we are FINALLY moving into our new house! Wooo \m/

    What have you been up to recently?

    Horns Up! \m/