March 27, 2016

post-scriptum: Wellington shenanigans, Sinners on tour, and a cemetery wedding

Post Scriptum, Steff

steffmetal cemetery

steffmetal cemetery

I’ve had some seriously crazy weeks recently. Last weekend I went down to Wellington to marry a lovely gothic couple in a cemetery. The photo above was taken by my friend Shane while we were exploring the cemetery beforehand – it’s the Longfellow poem “The Reaper and the Flowers.” I love going to Wellington as I have a lot of friends there and there’s always so much to do and explore. This time was no exception. I marched in a pride parade, played on a playground made of recycled junk, went to a very unusual party, ate the world’s most delicious burger in the messiest way possible, stayed at a hostel that looked like a prison, got stuck at the airport as an art installation for several hours, and survived on combined 6 hours sleep over 4 days. Yikes.

Here’s everything else I’ve been up to :)

In my ears: Recently, NZ voted on whether to keep our national flag or change it to a new flag. The final votes came in yesterday – no new flag for us. The whole exercise constantly reminded me of the Skyclad song “Parliament of Fools”, so I’ve been thrashing a lot of Skyclad (particularly the album A Semblance of Normality) this week.

Reading: I’m currently working my way through the Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning. This is a rockstar romance and it’s kind of wall-to-wall sex featuring the different members of a hard rock/metal band and their loves. The characters are really engaging and it’s definitely inspiring me for an idea for a new Steffanie Holmes series. I am also battling through Lord of the Rings again, because it’s been about 5 years since I last read it and that’s just wrong.

Writing: I’ve just past the halfway mark on the final read-through of Thorn. I’m flipping around projects a bit at the moment, adding more words to Curse (Witches of the Woods 3), while putting the finishing touches on a new novel, and working on a couple of small projects that won’t be released until later this year.

Also, thank you to everyone who took my Patreon survey! Your choices and especially your comments helped me to hone what I am trying to do with the platform. I’m officially launching next week, but for now you can poke around my Patreon page and even pledge a little if you like :)

Watching: We’ve just finished the first season of Star Trek: Voyager, and are now watching the first season of the original Star Trek series. I am hardcore in the whole franchise now. Although I am going to say something really controversial – Voyager is my favourite. I love Captain Janeway. And Nelix!

On the Farm: WE HAVE WINDOWS! The house looks amazing. I’m so excited. It feels like such a milestone, even though there’s still a lot of work to do. I even have a front door now. It’s so beautiful. I keep going in and out it like a silly person.

We also have LAMB IN THE FREEZER. Mmmmmm. Hoping to be able to have lots of friends up soon for lamb roasts in our new great hall.

We got given five bantam hens the other day, so we’ve added them in with our chickens and so far, everyone is pecking around nicely and behaving. We shall see how things go, though. These new girls are so tiny and cute! I love my chickens. There’s this one that runs over when she sees me and flattens down her back so I can pat her like a cat. It’s gorgeous.

Also, there’s a lot of end-of-season produce glutting the neighbourhood gardens. I’m overflowing with tomatoes, and have just been gifted bags of peaches, granny smiths, and a giant stack of pumpkins (I’m thinking of making pumpkin wine). So I have been frantically canning and cooking and preserving things. It’s one of the particularly fun bits about rural life.

Loving: WINDOWS. \m/ crazy Wellington adventures \m/ starting to plan my husband’s 30th birthday – we’re hosting a medieval banquet where I have to cook 4 courses for 30 people. Yikes! \m/ Doing lots of crowdfunding research and seeing all the neat projects people are doing with the support of their audiences. \m/ Having our friends and their two lovely girls up for lunch – they love feeding the chickens :) \m/ A four-day weekend over Easter – how nice is it to get lots of things done. I finished a novel, what about you? \m/ THE POP-UP GLOBE. I want to see all the things. We went to Twelfth Night last week and it was hilarious. We’re hoping to go to Hamlet on Mon 11th as groundlings. \m/ German sausages. \m/ Dreaming about travelling again when we finally have money and a house that we can actually live in. \m/ My big, dopey cat. \m/ The fact that every time I go to Wellington, they’re throwing a festival. \m/ City shenanigans with my friend John, including a zombie cocktail that came in a zombie-glass. It was amazing. I will have another one, pleasethankyou \m/ talking to my favourite Germans \m/ helping my two friends plan their fake wedding \m/ ROAST LAMB.

So that’s all the stuff I’m thinking about right now. What about you?

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April 22, 2016 at 6:18 pm

@Allstarme – they are SO AWESOME. I’m just up to Trey’s book right now. Basically been binge-reading them. So addictive.

April 1, 2016 at 7:21 am

I love that Sinners on Tour series!

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