October 22, 2013

Wicked Alt. Clothing from Freestyle Extreme

Kvlt Fashion

steffmetal Iron Fist Black Milk blog2

FreestyleXtreme are an alt clothing site based in Bristol, UK, who stock a range of labels for both extreme sports enthusiasts and other of a somewhat alternative persuasion.

FreestyleXtreme has been around since 2004. In the early days they catered mainly to motorcross enthusiasts across Europe – building their site in multiple languages, which was quite unique at the time – and have steadily built up a following of loyal fans. They’ve created a whole community around their brand, and actively support riders such as FMX star Jamie Squibb, MX Pro James Dunn, BMX legend Pat Guimez and Superbike riders Chez Davies and brothers Michael and Eugene Laverty.

Not only do they stock a huge range of brands for dedicated action sports enthusiasts, but they carry a lot of product catering to an alternative crowd, including brands like Iron Fist, LA Ink, Lucky 13, Metal Mulisha, and Sullen. They contacted me about checking out some of their stock, to which I said, “hell yes!”

My package arrived from Europe in, literally, DAYS. I don’t think I’ve ever seen shipping so fast. I was rather impressed. Everything was packed in nice and tight.

I’m a bit of an Iron Fist junkie, so everything I chose was from that label. You can tell by my choices that my current wardrobe challenge is about wearing less black, and I am trying some new things, including some wonderfully ridiculous shoes. Incorporating non-black into my wardrobe is a lot harder than I thought!

steffmetal Iron Fist Black Milk blog

This first outfit features the Iron Fist Nude Creepers Muscle Tank Top. I wore this with biker boots from No. 1 Shoe Warehouse, Raven leggings from Black Milk Clothing, a sword necklace, which was a gift from a mate, and this arrow ring from Brilliance Found.

steffmetal Iron Fist Black Milk blog2

The tank top is a bit of a weird shape – it’s got huge baggy arm holes and looks almost as if it were made for a dude – and would possibly look better on someone less bony and lanky than me. But but but … the print is awesome (I love anything anatomical) and I love the colour. The fabric also is very soft. I am keen to make this my summer beach tank, so expect to see it crop up again in more pics.

This next outfit features these crazy Iron Fist Love Me Now Lace Up shoes. They are pink, with enormous heels, and little laces. I have one word for them – INSANE.

steffmetal Iron Fist Alestorm

Where would you wear these shoes? Well, I was thinking some kind of party where I’d spend most of the night sitting on a couch. Outfit includes GLP plaid skirt (I wear this all the time), Alestorm t-shirt, customised by my wonderful friend Amy at Northwic, and Pamela Mann stockings, soon to be in stock at The Asockalypse.

I mean, just LOOK at them!

steffmetal Iron Fist Alestorm1

And the final outfit has another pair of crazy shoes. Now, i’ve never been a pink kind of girl, but these boots … they are just ridiculous enough to be awesome.

steffmetal Sparkly Shoes Black Milk blog

These are the Pink Ruff Rider boots by none other than Iron Fist, and it’s hard to tell from the picture, but they are covered in sequins and pink sparkly skulls. As I’ve said, not normally my thing, but you just can’t help smiling when you wear these. People comment on them ALL THE TIME. Since the sun has finally come out in NZ, I wore these with Pamela Mann stockings, Hobbit Map Dress from Black Milk Clothing, and an ankh necklace made by another beautiful friend, Lucy.

steffmetal Sparkly Shoes Black Milk4

So that’s three outfit ideas based on items from¬†FreestyleXtreme. The company is determined to offer an unsurpassed online shopping experience. For example, if you find a better price for one of their stocked products after you’ve ordered it, as long as you let them know within seven days of placing your order, they will refund you the difference. They also have a pretty awesome returns policy, and their customer service team consist of real, live people (with awesome accents!). When you’re looking for places to shop online (which most of us this side of the world have to do, owing to the lack of alternative labels in brick and mortar stores) these things are important considerations. Their shipping rates to my corner of the globe were also extremely competitive.

Based on my experience with the speed of delivery, cheerfulness of the online staff, easy navigation of the website, and all round sparkliness of the above shoes, I’d shop at FreestyleXtreme again. Check out their alternative clothing website, and click over to their Facebook page and join a crowd of over 75,000 awesome folk who love wicked clothing and crazy stunts.

This is a sponsored post from FreestyleXtreme. I only work with sponsors who make/sell awesome stuff and have ethical business practices. Find out more on my advertising page.